Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Having over 35 years experience in construction, we’ve seen it all and then some given the types of projects that have come our way.
From every day handyman projects to critical corporate construction, we take pride in exceeding all of our customer expectations.
> Complete Home Remodeling/Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
> Additions & Decks
> Entry & Wrap Porches
> 3 & 4 Season Rooms
> Sun Tubes & Sky Lights
> Gutter Guards
> Concrete Slabs
> Pole Buildings
> Garages & Sheds
> Dumpster Rental
> Ceramic & Laminate Flooring
> Basement & Garage Finishing
> Alum/Vinyl/Composite Railing

Remodeling Your Kitchen

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen but don’t know what to do? Many homeowners don’t know where to start. Many start by looking at appliances and others look at “inspiring” kitchen photos trying to get ideas for what they want. Others simply want an upgrade instead of looking at a kitchen that’s twenty years old. Homeowners find themselves in this predicament all the time when it comes to remodels. Once they finally are ready to give this remodel the green light, then what do they do? Well here are some easy steps that will give you some ideas.
Thinking about what you need
This step is pretty basic, you need to think about how you want to use your kitchen, and also find out the layout and how the features fit your household. You could get ideas from pretty much anywhere including guides, photos, showrooms, books, magazines, and even blogs! Think about how many people will be in there at once and how they will move around it. Will you need an addition? Or can you work with the size it is now? Start saving photos to show to the person who will do your remodel. Your collection can then be organized and like a scrapbook so it can be filled with random images.
Research and Plan
The best place to start this project is by figuring out what your budget is going to be. This step is pretty short and sweet but very important. This may be subject to change if you don’t like the type of design later on or you expect one thing and you get something totally different.
Find the professionals you will need
It may be as simple as leaning on your salesperson to help you in selecting and ordering your appliances or cabinets, or it may be something that you want to do on your own. If you choose to do it on your own, you start by visiting the well known box stores such as Lowes or Menards. Some homeowners get referrals from friends who have had good experiences with companies. As professionals, we are available to help with everything when it comes remodels.
Schematic Design
During this phase, sketches are made, space planning is going on, floor plans and layouts are happening. You need a plan in order to figure out what materials are needed and where they will go, here is where we can help! We help by giving you a drawing of the space and a ballpark estimate.
Fixture and finish expectations
This step is where all those saved photos come in handy. Since by now you should’ve found the style you like this is when you tell the contractor. Whether the style is modern, classic, traditional, or cottage. This is also where you need to know your color choice.
Surviving the remodel
It’s expected that the contractor may have to make multiple visits to the house during the remodeling process. Prepare yourself for more than one visit and you’ll be fine.


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